Our Services

Your clothes are deserving of the finest care and attention.

Dry Cleaning
Whether you have an elegant evening gown or a pair of slacks that need cleaning, you can rely on our team of certified master dry cleaners to treat each item with care, and get it back to the condition you expect. Your valuable wardrobe will be carefully inspected, cleaned, and pressed using the highest quality processes. Our attention to detail will help your garments keep their color and look new longer so you can look your best. We will even pick them up and deliver them back for FREE.
Wedding Gowns
Your wedding gown is a thing of beauty and you want it to last a lifetime. Preserving its delicate features requires expertise. As your Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner we use the highest quality cleaning process to gently remove soil from top to train. Our Museum Quality Preservation method is currently being used by Federal and State governments for the preservation of historical textiles. Every component of our storage materials is of archival quality. Our preservation service is also available for other items such as christening gowns, letter jackets, or any other items that you would like to be preserved for a lifetime.
HouseHold Items
Bed linens, comforters, curtains, duvets, and rugs are such a hassle to clean yourself. Let us do all the “dirty work.” All your household items are carefully inspected and cleaned by our professionals to restore it back to its original beauty. Take advantage of our Free Pickup & Delivery for some of these larger, hard-to-clean-yourself items.
Leather & Suede
Cleaning garments and other specialty items made from leather and suede require special care. Our experts will provide proper care to protect and extend the life of the garment.
Something not fitting just right? Take advantage of our on-site seamstress. She has over 20 years experience and can help your clothes fit exactly the way you want and get more life out of your wardrobe. Do you have a tear, broken zipper, or missing button? She can fix that too! If you have any questions about garment repairs or alterations, or would like to schedule a meeting with our seamstress, please contact the location nearest you.